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In the midst of change and challenge, a leader’s calm presence and clear perspective generates understanding and creative response.


I have been blessed with decades of opportunities to help organizations face challenges, overcome difficulties, and find the path forward together.

  • Leadership teams
  • Governing boards
  • Individual leaders
  • Work teams and organization departments
  • Large corporations
  • Non profit organizations
  • Family businesses
  • Government agencies


The mission of Decision Resources is to help leaders build healthy organizations that achieve superior mission results.

  • resolution of interpersonal, group, and organizational conflict
  • elements of creative collaboration
  • art of dialogue
  • discipline of wise decision making

Operating Beliefs

  • Every difficult decision, problem, or challenging conflict also offers an opportunity.
  • The path forward emerges from focused attention and clear understanding of the situation.
  • Clarity comes from differing perspectives, dialogue, and learning together.
  • Integrity in action comes from transparent alignment of important values with choice.
  • Wisdom in action comes from ethical intention, common sense, and moral imagination.
  • Positive results that outweigh other consequences come from acts of integrity and wisdom.

Range of Experience

  • Past 20 years, coaching and training leaders and managers in organizations of all sizes in the practical skills of decision-making to communicate integrity by putting professional and personal values into action.
  • 20 years facilitating significant decision-making processes for a wide range of clients including strategic planning, team-building, partnering, and change management.
  • 38 years as a professional mediator including organizational, family business, and employment cases.
  • Teaching mediation skills to thousands of people from many different backgrounds including managers, health care professionals, educators, realtors, mental health professionals, human resource managers, lawyers, and judges.