Beyond Collaboration: the Generative Force of UNITY 

Collective Impact. Return on Investment. Search for Excellence. Wisdom of Teams. Moving from Good to Great. Creative Collaboration. Now, more than ever, the critical importance of working well together is ‘in the air.’ No matter the sector (private, nonprofit, or public) organization leaders recognize they must focus on value and how to generate it. And […]

Change Ahead! Turn on the ‘GPS’.

In the Wizard of Oz, after a tornado swept Dorothy into a different time and place, she looked around and said to her little dog, “Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore.” Last week, I had a ‘not in Kansas anymore experience.’ I was standing in front of a camera and a large video screen […]

Leading a Resilient Organization Culture

In newsletter #10, I made the case for resilience as the critical characteristic of an organization that can navigate the cascading waves of change in this globally interconnected, technologically intense reality. Leaders need a framework to guide clear thinking and timely action to develop this capacity. In business, when a new company enters a market […]

Resilience Amidst Change: Surviving Budget Cuts and Other Crises

Change is the new ‘normal’ Within the past two weeks, I had separate  conversations with four leaders in different sectors who face significant budget cutbacks with painful choices to make. No organization (private, nonprofit, or government) is immune. All face changing realities in the operating environment shaped by forces beyond their control. And every organization goes […]

Leaders Transform Plans into WISE Planning

How should leaders view planning? Leaders are the stewards of organizational health. An organization that knows why it exists, why it cares about its mission, where it is going, and how it will get there is a healthy organization. It is not possible for an organization to align and move forward in a dynamic, effective […]

Google Discovers the ‘Secret to the Perfect Team’

Google is one of the most sought after jobs in the world in an organization obsessed with the use of data and analytics to achieve excellence. Starting in 2012, they spent millions of dollars, examined the latest neuroscience, studied best practices from other organizations, and tested every variable they could analyze about their highest performing […]

An Organizational New Year’s Resolution for Leaders (and Those Who Lead)

What are the indicators of a healthy organization? In all sectors (private-for profit, nonprofit, and government), healthy organizations consistently ‘perform’ at a high level. It is important to consider the three critical dimensions of organization performance that indicate health. Results – The organization fully delivers on its mission. For a nonprofit it is social impact, […]

Mark was on Let’s Talk Business New Mexico again!

Collaboration is one of the three necessary conditions for a healthy (successful) organization. Mark appeared on Let’s Talk Business New Mexico to share his approach to Creative Collaboration: the Art of Working Together. Go here to get ideas for your organization

Nelson Mandela’s ‘Magic’ Lessons for Collaboration – Part 2

In Part 1, I described some of the qualities that Nelson Mandela used to build bridges and develop working relationships. His capacity was sometimes called ‘magic’ because of the difficult circumstances that he navigated with dignity and transformed with forgiveness. Mandela’s power to influence and guide had two other sources to consider: Perspective and Vision. […]

Mark appeared on Let’s Talk Business New Mexico

Decision making capacity is the critical variable that distinguishes high-performing organizations from the rest. This is true in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors. On Let’s Talk Business, New Mexico, I was interviewed about my work to help leaders and organizations improve their decision making. Please take a listen: Implementing Better Decision Making