Wise Planning




The future belongs to organizations that sustain unified, disciplined execution with resourceful planning rooted in guiding values.

Many strategic plans are false promises that fail to deliver meaningful results. Planning is a dynamic process of learning, strategy, execution, accountability, and agile course correction. A true plan is a living document. These elements will transform a common strategic plan into ‘Wise Planning.’

  • Diversity  Engagement of key, differing perspectives in a creative dialogue
  • Strategic Focus  Realistic assessment of the present and near-future operating environment generates a small set of conscious choices to seize opportunities and meet challenges
  • Stakeholders  Sincere consideration of the needs and values of the groups and individuals affected by the plan
  • Integrity  Clear alignment of strategies, goals, and action with core values and guiding principles
  • Vision   A compelling image of the destination that inspires continuing effort
  • Structured Follow Through  Periodic review of qualitative and quantitative results with necessary plan modification

Mark Bennett is a gem, as a guide to strategic planning and decision making. He received high praise from the board, staff, and our community stakeholders. – Diane Karp, Executive Director, Santa Fe Art Institute

For a quick overview of the Wise Planning approach, see my recent presentation for the Center for Non Profit Excellence:

CNPE Segment on Wise Planning (download powerpoint)

The basic road map for a Wise Plan is available here:

Elements of a Wise Strategic Plan (download .pdf)